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Product Name:

Big bag filling machine

Product Model:
Product Introduction:

Big bag filling machine

Product Description:

This big bag packing machinery for soy meal,Bulk bag packer, 1000kg soybean meal jumbo bag filling station, soy meal big bag filler jumbo bag filling machine, big bag filling machine full automatic machine, Big bag feed filling machines, automatic big bag filling machine, fully automatic machine big bag filling machine, big bag filling machine for Fluorspar concentrate powder, big bag packing machine for Concrete Dried Mix, big bag packing machine, bulk bag filling machine, big bag filling machine, jumbo sack filling machine, bulk bag bagging machine, bulk bag packaging machine, gunny bag filling machine, big bag packing machine, jumbo bagging machine, big bag filling system 1ton, flour ton-packing scale, is special for 500~2000kg level quantitative packaging''s suitable for many materials such as feed, rice, flour, starch, cassava flour, grains, cereals, beans,pulses, bird seeds,ore, mineral powder, seeds, plastic pellets, wood pellet, animal feeds, cat litter, sand, grains, wood pellets, chemical powder, maize meal, bean starch, tapicco starch, pulses, animal food, cement sand mix, ore fine powder, pvc powder, copper powder, etc. 

Flowing Process:
Bag supplied & clamped by manual→ Automatic filling→ Automatic weighing→ Automatic bag conveyer
Main Structure:
1. Automatic filling system                   
2. Automatic weighing balance
3. Ton-bag clipper                                
4. Automatic rolling conveyor
5. Electric control cabinet                       
Technical parameters:

 Product name

 jumbo bag filling machine

 Weighing error

 ± 0.2%

 Qualified rate of bag weight (%)

 100% for jumbo bag filling machine


 ≥ 10~25bags per hour


 2~6KW for jumbo bag filling machine

 Weight range(KG )

 500-3000kg and can be adjusted

 Production capacity(bags/hr)


 Supply voltage

 380v/220v,50HZ(can customized)

 Air supply pressure

 0.5~1.1Mpa for jumbo bag filling machine

 air consumption CFM




 Working Humidity

 <95% (without condensated water)

Detailed Images:

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