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Product Name:

Granules packing machine

Product Model:
Product Introduction:

Granules packing machine

Product Description:

It is granulated bagging machine, pellets packing machine  specially manufactured for quantitative packaging of many kinds of pellet such as rice, beans, peanuts, grains, pulses, fertilizers, urea, prilled, etc. It’s feeding the materials by the gravity of flowing pellets. 
Main Structures:
1. Automatic filling system            2.Automatic weighing filling balance
3. Automatic belt conveyor            4.Automatic sewing / sealing machine   
5. Electric control cabinet 
Flowing Process:
Manual Bag placing→ Automatic filling→ Automatic weighing→ Automatic bag conveyer→ Automatic bag top sewing / sealing
Technical Parameters:
Type: LCS-ZZ
Weighing Range: 1~5, 5~10, 10~25, 25~50 (KG)
Precision: ±0.2%FS
Electrical Power: 380/220,50/60(V/Hz), 3/1 phase

Air Power: 0.4~0.6(Mpa)

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