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Product Name:

Superfine Powder Vacuum Packing Machine

Product Model:
Product Introduction:

Superfine Powder Vacuum Packing Machine

LSC-ZF1550 model Superfine Powder Vacuum Packing Machine is a closed system consists of the feeding mechanism, filtration transport unit, sealed conversion parts and other components.

Its principle:Adopt the pressure difference between the feeding mechanism and the vacuum chamber, in vacuum state, it would feed the packaging process of extremely light and /or extremely fine powders into the bag from raw materials warehouse. It completely solves the extremely light and fine powder’s packaging problem of difficult packaging, bulky, and serious pollution problem.

Operating system: human design, PLC program combined control, designed according to the physical properties of materials, packaging specifications and packaging speed. Continuously feedback through signal positive and negative communication. With PLC, it’s finishing the automatic control of the production process, the negative pressure level and the feeding speed. Ensure to compliance with the customer''''s different packaging requirements due to raw materials different density and different speeds, and thus to meet customers specific demands of weighing packaging solution.

Production process: full automatic operation, with features of fast packaging speed, high accuracy and no dust pollution.

Mainly application: Feeding and filling the very light, extremely fine nano powders (such as fluffy carbon black, fumed silica, precipitated silica and alumina, and fine graphite powder) into the valve bag. It’s widely used powder production plant or powder re-packing factory and others.

This vacuum packing machine’s vacuum packaging equipment and high flow (low flow) of powder flow (commonly known as: fast feeding and slow feeding) are changing during the packaging process, via the signal communications computing, PLC system will automatic control the proportional valve for the corresponding continuous adjustment so as to guarantee the uniform rate of filling material into the valve bags, thus to achieve the high filling packing accuracy.

Technical data:


 Packing range


 Packing speed

According to the materials features, 

vacuum pressure, materials volume 

and density

 Power supply

 Air source

 Self weight


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