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Product Name:

Powder filling packing machine

Product Model:
Product Introduction:

Powder filling packing machine

I.  Application
This machine is especially designed for powder packaging machine, bagging machine, powder packing machine,  powder bag filling machine, packing 0.5-50kg powder of bad mobility, such as feed, fertilizers, rubber powder, PE powder, etc. into open-mouth bags like plastic woven bags, Kraft bags, sacks, paper-plastic compound bags and barrels, cartons.
Our LCS-LX2 Dual Screw Weight packing machine is especially suitable for the manual filling of small production quantities. Packing machines with low production outputs do not normally require fully automatic packing systems. Even so they still demand precise filling of their products.
II. Working Principle
First, the bag need be applied manually to the filling spout and the filling process is started by a push-button.Your material will firstly go to the hopper and then be filled into the bags via the screw feeding parts. The filling flow is controlled by the frequency-change screw’s (auger’s) rotating speed. When the bag is filled fully, the bag clamping device will automatically open and the bag will be conveyed to the sewing system for sealing.
III. Working Process
Manually bag placing → Automatic filling → Automatic weighing → Automatic conveying → Automatic sealing (sewing,heating or weld) → next process
IV. Feature
Your benefits due to our experience:
1) Clean bag filling
    Due to product-specially chosen filling spout with all-side clamping jaws
2) Space saving
    Due to compact machine design
3) Cost saving
    Due to stable operation and low maintenance costs
4) Easy handling
    Due to easy and intuitive operational menu with “weight input” “weight display” “time display”
    Due to clear operator guidance, easy cleaning and maintenance
5) High weight accuracy: ±0.2%FS
    Due to coarse and fine flow filling controlled by one frequency-change screw’s (auger’s) rotating speed
    Due to the use of the Canadian General Measure or METTLER TOLEDO weighing controller and OMISEO (USA) load cell sensors
6) Good product protection
    Due to project-specially selected bag closure, e.g. sewing, welding or hot-melt sealing
And the Optional device:
Dust removal device. The working environment will be more hygienic if the dust removal device is added.

V. Technical parameters


LCS-LX2 series

Weighing Range

1-5, 5-10, 10-25, 25-50 Kg/bag, customized needs



Output Capacity

180-760 bags/hour (depending on the material properties, bag sizes and bag mouth sizes)


1.85+1.3 kw

Power Supply

AC220/380V, 50/60Hz, 3 phase;will make as per local Electrical system

Air Power

0.4~0.6 Mpa ( need 170ml, or 0.17 m3 or 8kg air compressor)

Working temperature


Working humidity

<95% (no condensate water)


3000×700×2800mm, subject to the real machine.

Belt conveyor Dimension

3000*400mm, for reference, subject to the real machine.


300~350kg, subject to the real machine.

Detailed Images: 

All the material contact part is made of Stainless Steel 304 (food grade),
nice workmanship and mirror polished
Structural design ensures no dead end & accumulated material, cleaning convenient

Company Information:

Our Services:

We always aim to best serve our clients’ needs. So we promise the following clauses on condition of establishing business relationship with you.
1) The machine shall be guaranteed by the seller against poor materials, poor performance and poor workmanship for a period of one year from the date of commissioning. During this guarantee period, the seller will provide the buyer with free maintenance and free spare parts that caused by the machine’s quality upon receipt of advice.
2) The seller will supply repair service for three years on condition that the buyer takes on all costs of the broken parts.
3) The seller will supply the buyer the guide service on the operation of the machine.
4) The seller will respond within 2 hours if the machine goes wrong in production.
5)If required, the seller will dispatch technician to buyer’s country for installation guide, commissioning & adjusting the machine and training the workers on condition that the buyer affords all the cost from China to the buyer’s company including food, accommodation, transportation, etc. and extra USD90.0 per day per person for the service. 

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