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Product Name:

Containerised bagging system

Product Model:
Product Introduction:

Containerised bagging system

As per your needs for containerised packing machine, we suggest this containerised bagging system. 
Ideally, if make a stand alone containerised bagging system including hopper that will stand aside bulk vessels at the port.Free flowing fertilizers, grains, rice, sugar, etc. will be fed into the hopper from the ship will be packed into PP or paper bags (sewn top after filling) and then fed onto a conveyor belt into waiting lorries.  

For this containerised bagging system, designed max. capacity 1800 to 2400 bags/hour for 50kg bags.1.  PERFORMANCE DATA SUMMARY 1.1 DESIGN SPEED  The containerised bagging system is designed to handle maximum 20 bags per minute per line of 50 kg bags. This equates to 60 metric tonnes (MT) per hour per line or 120 tonnes per hour per unit (2 lines per unit). This is dependent on the specific characteristics of the product and the skilled workers. Maximum bag height is 1100 mm. 

1.2 DESIGN ACCURACY  The fully electronic, double weighing system has been approved and certified for accuracy by The National Weights and Measures Authority. The system can give accurate weights ±0.2 %FS ~±0.5%FS. 

1.3 OPERATIONAL PERSONNEL  During a typical bagging operation the containerised bagging machine (running both lines) can be operated in a safe and efficient manner by the following personnel: Supplying Bags                  1 Person Weighing (Bag Clamp)     2 Persons Stitching                              2 Persons Total                                     5 Persons The number of personnel required can vary depending on the specific bagging operation but the above guidelines are sufficient for the majority of operations. 

1.4 MATERIAL SUITABILITY                                  

The containerised bagging system is designed for the flowing fertilizers, grains or other granules and very ideally suitable to the handling of granular fertilizers, cereals rice, sugar, pulses & beans, etc., customized design.

It is containerized bagging machine, containerised equipment, Containerized Mobile Weighing and Bagging Machine, mobile bagging machines are flexible and can be utilized either ship side, to bag directly from the vessel, or in warehouses and are used for bagging grain, rice, sugar, pulses and beans or various fertilizers .  specially manufactured for quantitative packaging of many kinds of materials. Automatic weighing filling bagging .containerised bagging machine
Main Structure:
1. Automatic filling bagging system            2.Automatic weighing balance
3. Automatic belt conveyor                           4.Automatic sewing / sealing machine   
5. Electric control cabinet 
Flowing Process:
Manual Bag placing→Automatic filling→Automatic weighing→Automatic bag conveyer→Automatic bag sewing / sealing
Technical Parameter:
Type: LCS-ZZ-Y
Weighing Range: 1-5, 5~10, 10~25, 25~50, etc. (KG)
Precision: ±0.2%FS
Electrical Power: 380/220,50/60(V/Hz)
Power: 0.37 (KW)
Air Power: 0.4~0.6(Mpa)

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